how to frame authentic jersey

    An overview of how to frame authentic jersey

    Authentic jerseys are generally considered as the most expensive but also the most sought after jerseys as they are of good quality. They are made from heavyweight fabric and all graphics such as numbers are sewn on it. They last for a long time. The authentic jerseys look ultra cool, are comfy and a perfect fit for virtually all the occasions.

    World known celebrities such as Jagr, Yzerman, Gretzky as well as Messier have appeared in public wearing these authentic jerseys. Nowadays people love to get them framed with the autographs of their favorite stars and then wear them in public.

    Framing is a skill that requires precise ironing as well as pinning of jersey so that framing stands the test of time. Pinning is to be done precisely, using the stainless steels framing pins so that the jersey gets secured from the matte and there is no damage to the jersey.

    If you are planning to get the authentic jerseys framed with the scrawled signatures of the winning team or with the autographs of popular ball player, then follow the instructions below in the chronological order and get them in the desired frame:


    Step 1 - measure your jersey and select the frame - the foremost step is to determine the portion of your jersey that you are willing to show as well as where you want to get it positioned within the authentic frame. After determining this, measure the width and height so that size of the frame, foam core board for backing, plexi-glass, and mat board can be determined.

    Step 2 - secure jersey - the next step to be followed is to lay your jersey upon a solid piece of the mat board. Now arrange it as per your wish and sew the jersey to mat board with the assistance of threaded upholstery needle. Make sure that you stitch it from numerous points in order to get a secure hold. Now bring thread from backing board through the jersey and then return through backing board. Ultimately, tie off as well as tape the loose ends.

    Step 3 - prepare the plexi-glass - Peel off 1 side of protective paper on plexi-glass and place the exposed side on mat with the jersey fully attached. Peel off remaining paper.

    Step 4 - assemble frame - gather all the three sides of metal frame and insert plexi-glass and foam core backing board in the frame. Finally attach top portion with the frame.

    Step 5 - finishing touches - Tighten all the corner brackets and get spring clips inserted between the mounting board and the frame in order to get the jersey secured. Now attach hanging hardware as well as wire with them.   


    By following these simple steps you are surely going to get a well framed authentic jersey that can be worn on any occasion. Be it football, hockey, baseball or basketball; frame your authentic jersey by following these easy and simple steps.

    If you don’t want to be bothered by framing an authentic jersey on your own you can pass this job over to professionals and order framed jersey that will come in a very special display case.

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