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    Welcome to Your #1 Resource for Authentic Jerseys

    Shopping online for an authentic or autographed jersey? Looking for a great price and guaranteed authenticity? Look no further - because our online merchants have more choices than any single site can offer.

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  • Owning an authentic or autographed jersey is a great way to celebrate being a sports fan. The high quality jerseys at feature the same durable fabric, stitching, and embroidery as those worn on the playing field. You can buy with confidence, as all of these products come with verified certificates of authenticity. When you own an authentic jersey, you’re an extended member of your favorite team

    Here, you’ll find one of the biggest selections of authentic and autographed jerseys available anywhere on the Web. It’s quite a collection of signed jerseys from the biggest stars in all of sports. We offer jerseys from past and current sports legends in baseball, football, basketball, hockey and soccer.

    If you’re looking for an authentic jersey for everyday use, we’ve got them as well. Choose from your favorite teams and players in their home, away, or alternate color jerseys. We also have a great selection of those popular vintage throwback jerseys. In the market for a jersey but don’t want to shell out the extra cash for an authentic? Browse a huge variety of great replica jerseys.

    Want to know more about authentic and autographed jerseys before you buy? Then go to our "tips and articles" section to learn more about the wonderful world of authentic sports jerseys.

    Whether buying for yourself or looking for a great gift, we have you covered. With competitive pricing, a generous return policy, free shipping on most orders, and verified authenticity in all of the products, there’s no better place to shop for authentic jerseys. But don’t take our word for it; check out this resource today to see for yourself.

    Popular Articles

    • Personalized Basketball Jerseys Are Essential For A True Basketball Fan

    Every true college basketball fan like me knows that the winter comes to an end when the March Madness starts. This is the time when I can finally wear all my basketball jerseys. And saying the truth I most favor my personalized basketball jerseys. Do you know that the March Madness is the second largest sports TV event in the entire US after the Superbowl?
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    • Just for Girls: Basketball Jersey Dresses

    There are more and more women and girls becoming involved in sports. They are tailgating, throwing parties and screaming at the television just as men have done for many years. Well now, they have something sporty yet feminine to wear while they do all that stuff with the guys.
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    • Slam Dunk Authentic Basketball Jerseys

    You will find all of the famous slam dunker’s authentic basketball jerseys at They feature the great players such as Shaq, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. They offer the utmost selection of NBA autographed apparel and they are all authenticated by the National Basketball Association. These basketball jerseys are hand signed and of excellent quality.
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    • Custom College Jerseys Explained!

    You are a college student, big football fan, and want to have your own college jersey I may have a simple and inexpensive option for you. Custom college jerseys is best way to represent your college and follow your passion at the same time.

    Generally you will find some numbers or names of players sewn into these throwbacks jerseys. NCCA has authorized colleges and universities to manufacture and create their personal Custom College Jerseys.
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    • Buyer Beware: Ensuring that Authentic Jersey is Really Authentic

    You’ve made the decision. You’re about to shell out big bucks for that authentic jersey autographed by Reggie Jackson. It will be the crown jewel of your sports memorabilia collection. Friends, neighbors and relatives will gaze upon it in awe. But wait! Before you drop a few C-notes on it, how do you make sure this is a genuine jersey signed by Mr. October himself? .
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    How to Frame Authentic Jersey: Step by Step Guide

    Framing is a skill that requires precise ironing as well as pinning of jersey so that framing stands the test of time. If you are planning to get the authentic jerseys framed with the scrawled signatures of the winning team or with the autographs of popular ball player, then follow the instructions below in the chronological order and get them in the desired frame:...




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